Congratulations to Swift Fantasy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

'Swift Fantasy' (trained by Steve Clark and Kathy Wilson, on the picture above) has just won the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Collar at Manukau!

Ben Craik's 'Rasmah' came second and Ray Adcock's 'Sudden Sam' third.

Steve and Kathy, as well as Ben Craik and Ray Adcock are all great GAP supporters too - congratulations to all of you on great race today!
We are looking forward to welcoming these amazing dogs to GAP programme once they retire!
One of my readers has just sent me a link to the video of the race (thanks a million Dan!). It was an AMAZING performance, with Swift Fantasy (in red rug) coming from the back and zooming past everybody! What a truly amazing dog - didn't she just LOVE reining that field in ? :-)
Video below:

Update 18/06/20101:
Tonight TV1's Closeup has had a feature on this race, with interview with Steve and Kathy. Link is here (click to open):
Kathy, Steve and Swift Fantasy on Closeup


Anonymous said...

What an awesome performance!!

Link to video here..