Gorgeous Wheaten (Scandinavian)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Today Sue, Sonja, Irene and myself spent some time playing with some of the Sanson greyhounds who are up for adoption at the moment. Sue and me took some pictures of gorgeous Wheaten (Scandinavian) who has recently arrived to GAP kennels and is up for adoption.
Wheaten is a beautiful 6 year old red fawn girl who has had a very successful racing career. Now, she is looking for forever love :-)

You can see Wheaten's impressive racing info here:

Wheaten is an extremely affectionate dog who LOVES people; she is great with dogs of all breeds but her major focus are humans. She could have cuddles for hours!
Wheaten with a toy :-)

Wheaten and Irene in GAP kennels today :-)

Wheaten and Irene again

And Sue, Beryl's Mum, took a video of Wheaten , you can see it below: (Thanks a million Sue!)