Update from Bash (Supreme Bash)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
I have just received an update and pictures from Karen, who has recently adopted Bash (Supreme Bash). Bash is a gorgeous tall blue greyhound with wonderful personality, an amazing dog who had a great racing career. I have had the fortune of meeting him in Sanson kennels -he is a real honey!

Karen wrote:

Bash is living up to his name with his lethal tail -he wags his tail all the time, especially when he sees the lead! He has an indoor bed and an outdoor bed in a very flash kennel that he chooses not to use - he would rather pull his sleeping bag out and lie on it in the sun :-). He has settled in well with no indoor toileting accidents. And he loves cuddles!!! Thomas (my son) and Bash are good companions and play together outside. Bash cries with excitement when he sees us come home in the evening!

Thomas and Bash :-)
This past weekend we let him have a run with my parents dog and they got on well ; Bash came back to me when I called him and I was so proud (and relieved)! He runs for the ball and will bring it back once and if you throw it again your out of luck (he's not silly!). Adopting Bash was a great decision and he is a well loved member of our family!