Some cute pictures from Nugget (Pepper Law)

Sunday, October 3, 2010
Nugget auditioning for "NZ Next Top Model" :-)
I just got some more pictures from Carla and Ed, Nugget's new parents :-)
They wrote:

Nugget (Pepper Law) is so lovely, and we could not imagine life without her now, and we only adopted her 2 months ago! She loves people & children & is always on her very best behavior around others, as to please us & make a good impression so that more people can love & admire her :-)
She is fit & healthy , loves her walks, and she knows our driveway now & turns in when we get back from walks.
She has a new soft toy: a blue bunny "Buddy". She takes him everywhere. Every now & again the two of them get caught on the spare bed!

 And the other day Buddy was sitting on the couch, upright, facing to the front. As it wasn't Ed or myself who did it, Nugget's put him there! Was so funny that we had to take a picture -below :-)

She's a clever girl and also knows a few Afrikaans words now. Nugget & our cat Peppa has made peace, but aren't friends yet. They'll get there eventually I think. They've just been inspecting the fence together outside, see the picture below:

Peppa and Nugget

Next weekend we're taking a few days off to visit friends in Wellington & pick up a new caravan we bought. It'll be her first "holiday" with us!