Boof (Utar Big Rig) - cute boy up for adoption

Friday, October 15, 2010
Boof (Utar Big Rig) is the cutest big baby! He is only 2 years old and was given to GAP because he was too slow and uncompetitive :-)
He is very innocent, and still unsure as what is going on, but he is eager to learn and looks for guidance(especially if food is involved!). If he goes missing in the kennels, Irene is sure to find him hanging out in the kennel kitchen! :-)

He is very food oriented and would be easy to train and teach all sorts of stuff. Although a baby, he is a tall, lanky greyhound, and once he gains a few kilos, he will be quite a stunning looking tall dog. I love his white and brindle coloring too.

Oh and he is VERY photogenic!
Check out the pics below, taken by Sonja:

Check out my ear tatoo! :-)

And, Sue has taken a video of Boof playing with Irene and myself at the GAP kennels -check it out:

A few weeks ago, I  also visited Boof's racing kennels and met his trainers, Maxine and Mike Lozell, as well as ALL their greyhounds! They are a lovely couple, who love all their racing dogs and who own very impressive looking  greyhound kennels. I knew Boof was coming to GAP shortly after, so I also took a few pictures of him in his racing kennels, with Maxine:
Boof with his trainer Maxine Lozell (a few weeks ago)
Boof in his racing kennel :-)