Update from Luna (Moon Dancer)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Check out my ears, and my toys!
I just got an email from Tricia and Vince, who adopted Luna (Moon Dancer)  about 2 weeks ago.
Luna (then called Shannon ) was one of our foster dogs -we LOVED having the little blue girl around, she was such fun, so cute, so eager to learn and so well-behaved ! It is so great to see she has found a perfect loving home :-)
(Thanks a million for writeup and gorgeous pictures Tricia!)

Tricia wrote:
Luna is settling in really well, she is so well behaved, and I think she is definitely bonding with me. She is great on the lead, and I am also so impressed with her recall.
She she absolutely loves her soft toys! We also gave her a squeaky chicken, she throws it in the air and catches it, it is sooo funny! We have taken her out for walks and she is excellent on the lead. What impressed me the most was how she waits for her food so patiently. She just lies down and watches you prepare it and comes to her bowl very calmly.

She sleeps in these very crazy positions! It is very funny to watch too :-)
We have decided to rename her Luna which means moon in Italian (because her racing name was Moon Dancer) and because she is a bit loooooney! :-)

Luna and her Dad Vince having a nap :-)
I brought her to Robyn’s place where she loved running in the paddock with her three gorgeous greyhounds. I think it is easy for her to make friends :-)
I called her on three occasions and she came running to me... even with all her new friends greyhounds around! So fantastic!
I have attached a couple of pictures of Luna for you to have a look at... she is not sure about having her photo taken.... or she thinks I am crazy doing it! You will notice her ears do many different things in the photos! :-)