Order GAP car door magnets !

Saturday, December 4, 2010
My car has never looked this good ! Yesterday I picked up my Christmas gift to myself: a pair of car door magnets with GAP ad on them!
I am SO amazed how fantastic they look, and so many people have commented on them!

I never knew this form of car signage even existed until Sue told me about them ; these magnets are perfect non-permanent form of vehicle advertising. Fully weather proof plus easily applied and removed. Printed with photo quality, fade resistant inks for long life. They work like fridge magnet, and stay on your car at high speeds, while being easily removable!
I was a bit dubiuos about their staying power so I went 120 km/hr on a SH1 today -and they stayed on PERFECTLY.
Sizes are completely customizable for your car too :)
I already had so many comments on them - amazing advertising for our hounds looking for homes! See the sign closeup below:

(click on pic to see bigger size)
So if you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift for yourself :), this is IT!
I have the image proofs so if you decide to have one made for your car -do email me and i will send you the proofs ready for printing :)
My signs were done by wonderful people at Brushstrokes Lt.(http://www.brushstrokes.net.nz/) in Palmerston North. They cost approx $80 each ($160 for the pair this size). A bargain I think, considering that this car goes everywhere - to the dog shows, horse shows, vets, out and about, supermarket, work , everywhere :)
Imagine having these signs on cars at school carparks, kids soccer and rugby games, around the city ...:) If you drive around a lot, do think about ordering some!
I would look for local place to do it for you though, to avoid a currier fee.
You can search in Google or Yellow Pages for 'car door magnets' , or ask your car mechanic where you can order some - many places do them.

I found these:
http://www.bravedesign.co.nz/wawcs0137324/tn-about-us.html (this is in Henderson AKL)