Update from our foster girl Cilla and her new family!

Sunday, December 12, 2010
Evie and Cilla
Cilla, one of Lucy's best friends, has been adopted by Liz and Allan from Petone a few weeks ago.
We loved fostering Cilla -she was with us for longer than average as she was waiting for a forever home with another dog. Lucy and Cilla had loads of fun together, and now - Cilla has a new playmate who sounds so much fun!

Liz and Allan sent me some gorgeous pictures and an update (thanks a million guys!):
As promised here are some photos and a few words for you about Cilla and how wonderfully she has settled in with the rest of our family.
Cilla has been with us for only a couple for weeks now and it is already hard to imagine life without her. She quickly bonded with our first dog, a Labrador/Staffordshire cross named Evie. Cilla will follow Evie around all day long and together they have all sorts of adventures in our back yard playing with anything that resembles a toy that Cilla may have “borrowed” from within her reach. Just check her out with Elmo in mid air!

Cilla quickly developed a fascination with our cats too, although one of them was not too interested in her...A sly squirt from a water bottle while Cilla wasn’t watching sorted that out (And provided a humorous moment for the humans :)

Since Cilla’s arrival Evie has become a much calmer dog, she has really taken to the new pack structure and understands that we require nothing more from her other than to be a happy dog. She looks after Cilla while we look after them both. It makes us both so happy to see the two of them gallivanting about having fun and bonding more and more each day!
Thank you so much Greyhounds As Pets, we never imagined that Cilla would settle in so quickly or so well.