Pictures from Greyt Greyhound Gathering in Waikato!

Friday, December 3, 2010
As most of you know, the very first NZ Greyt Greyhound Gathering was held in Waikato last weekend. Such events are HUGE overseas, and I am so excited GAP held the very first one in New Zealand :)
I unfortunatelly could not be there , but Sue and Claire were my reporters and photographers (thanks a million girls!).
Thank you Victoria for AMAZING organization, and also for opening your home to so many Gappers. I am sure I will forget to mention someone -but huge thanks go to Lynda and Alan aswell! I spoke with many people who attended the event, and they were all saying how well organized it was (and how fantastic the dinner was! :)))There were 60 hounds registered, and many adults and cute kids :))

 I have NO IDEA who most of the hounds on the pictures below are -please forgive me :)) But if you recognize your hound (or yourself!!! ) on any of the pictures, please email me and I will send you the full-size version (high resolution pictures are 3Mby).
And now -the gorgeous pictures (thank you again Sue!): (you can click on them to see bigger size)

Anthony, Claire and Sue shared a car and towed a trailer full of greyhounds, from Sanson to Hamilton. Four of the doggies were going to their new homes in Auckland and were being picked up from GGG ( more on this later :)))
This is a hilarious shot of Claire and Anthony with their 8 doggies :) This was taken by Sue , at the toilet stop in Taumaranui, where apparently they stopped traffic!!!

Another 'roadtrip' photo: Bess (Cawbourne Bess) and Flash (Flashfire Coal)
hitched a ride to their new homes in Auckland

Motel unit where the trio stayed - with EIGHT greyhounds!

At GGG -thanks goodness for the trees, as it was a very hot day!

Jacqui cutting the ribbon

50-60 greyhounds attended; most of them were offlead mooching around
and socializing :) This is Fish (Thrilling Fish) making a new friend :)

Greyhounds everywhere!

Sue and her Beryl (Winsome Deluxe).
IS it me or they are starting to look alike? :)

Tom and Sally with their gorgeous fawn boys Bobbie (Cupla Schillings) and Fitz (Who Nose Fitz) ;
They seem to have 'acquired' a handsome black greyhound too! :))

Bryce with Fish (Thrilling Fish)

Most handsome senior doggie (from left to right) :
Molly (Deniable), Ivan (Kaiser Izmir) and Cruzer (Charlston Kid)

I love how this couple dressed up!
I have no idea who you are -but all three of you look fantastic!

Kids handlers with their ribbons :)
Again - i have no idea who they are, but they are all so cute!

Winners :)
Most handsome female greyhound winners
Most handsome male dog winners :)

Another ribbon ceremony
Nobody does fancy dress better than Michelle
and her boys Barney (Cool Customer) and Stanley (Park Red)
Stanley :)

Bess (Cawbourne Bess) meeting her new parents :)
(and on the right, Indie getting a cuddle :))
Cooling off in the paddock :)
Lincoln with Elizabeth and Jill :)
Back at the motel :)