Update from Bruno (Thrilling York)

Saturday, December 18, 2010
Jane from Hawkes Bay sent me an update and some lovely pictures of Bruno (Thrilling York) who joined her family a month ago: (thanks a million Jane!)

Bruno is a very very good boy. He was excellent in the car on the way home from the kennels and didn't even slobber when I ate a burger in the car in Danniverke !!! He has settled in well and is respectful of the cats. He does enjoy doing the animal feeding with me and was very excited about me feeding the chickens -I think he may have been fed from a plastic container in his old life.He loves to go to the rose gardens for a walk but unfortunately I think he may have stood on some glass so it was off to the vets for a visit. Luckily just a wee cut and I was so proud because a woman came in with her cat and chose to sit by us because Bruno was so well behaved!
He has dragged his sheepy out of the kennel and lies outside on it. As you can see in the pics it was 28 degrees today- so too hot on his mat so he just dribbled on the carpet.

He loves his new sister Lily Bing (a chihuahua) and it does raise some eyebrows when we walk the dogs together but she likes to walk in front and he is a gentleman and lets her get ahead. :)
There is a bit of a size difference, as you can see in the picture below!

Jane with Lily Bing and Bruno
Nina is loving having a big dog and he went to school to pick her up and was patted by many sticky little hands which he was very patient and calm about. He still has scary moments as he gets used to pet life: his tail cleared a couple of shelves at the pet shop and he has walked into the ranch slider a few times.

Bruno came to school last friday where he attended computers, crash mat ,and athletics.We were accused of cheating for enrolling him the day of the long distance running races! 500 kids and teachers fell in love with him and how could you not! He was patted, groomed and hugged and then had to have a huge sleep on the mat all afternoon because he was soo busy. :) They are writing diamate poems using contrast and they wrote a cool poem about him changing from being a race dog to a pet.

skinny speedy
starving chasing running
Brindle tall magnificent dog
loving snoozing slobbering
cuddly soft

This was written by the class after they had a day with Bruno and they have learnt many things about greyhounds.As I work at a decile 1A school this was a very cool day with lots of learning and positive experiences about dogs and pets. He now goes to school every friday and is booked in to visit other classes who are very very jealous of Room 8s newest star pupil! Check out the pictures from the school:

Bruno is the perfect dog for our family, thank you so much for choosing him for us!