Update from Blondie (Fancy Kate)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Exhausted after a day of socialising, escaping,
coming back and a bush walk :) 
Rebecca and Tristan adopted Blondie (Fancy Kate) in April this year. She joined their first hound, Priceless (Fancy Freda) .
They just sent us some pictures and an update:

Lazy morning in bed with Dad and Priceless
 Blondie is settling in well and complements our other hound Priceless (Fancy Freda) as she's not as confident as Blondie, and vice versa. They are getting on really well now and love their walks and going in the car (Blondie's getting the hang of jumping in the car- which is great!).
We had a very energetic weekend with a greyhound coffee date in Carterton (7th May). The weather was a bit average so a few people let their hounds have a run about and then put them in the car while they had coffee. One of said hounds knows how to operate the electric windows and wound them down and jumped out, then opened the gate and let Blondie and another hound out. So they went for a adventure down the road. I jumped in the car and followed as they were off, got close enough and got out and called Blondie and she came back - I was very happy about this as she's still learning her name and that there were no cars about!
Blondie is very much a part of our family already and constantly has us giggling with her antics. :) Her training is coming along well and she's almost got "sit" sorted which is fab! :)

Hanging out with Gellar (terrier)
and Snowy (3 legged Lab x) on the deck