Stunning Red (Classy Fort) is up for adoption

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Handsome boy
Every time I go to GAP kennels in Sanson (and I go there often!), I always ask Sonja and Irene to see new greyhounds who have just arrived to GAP.  Despite being always so busy, Sonja and Irene somehow always manage to 'take a break' and take me into the kennels and show me the new doggies.

Well, myself and obviously Sonja and Irene have seen many gorgeous greyhounds, but our jaws literally dropped when we saw Red (Classy Fort).  This dog is just SO good looking : he is warm red color, with a little white blaze on his chest. He is TALL - I always thought my Louie was very tall, but Red is even taller! Red raced at 33kg, so he is a big greyhound, tall, lanky boy, with AMAZING body, and in amazing condition (he raced until recently, so he is all muscled up and looking awesome!). 

You would think Red would be aloof and quite self-absorbed, what with beeing so good looking? But no -he is the waggiest, soppiest , the most affectionate doggie :) He does not wag his tail -he wags his entire back end :)
Red, apart from being so gorgeous, was also a good racing dog (he comes from the Schofield kennels, from Pam and Denis, who have bred and raced my Louie :) He had 61 starts and did great!

Whoever adopts this gorgeous boy should really think about doing some ad work, TV, and similar work with him -it would be awesome promotion for greyhounds. If you yourself have a handsome hound -do check out 'A Grade Animals' agency.