Update from Joe (Value Pack)

Thursday, May 5, 2011
Tessa and Joe
We just got some cute pictures from Joe (Value Pack) who has been living with Tessa and family in Hawkes Bay since February this year.

Tessa says:
Joe settled in to his new home with ease, although he did get a bit of a rude introduction to our cat Scardy, who put Joe in his place straight away!! Joe and Scardy often sit of opposite sides of the room looking at one another, I would love to know what they are thinking. :)
Joe has some next door dog friends, a deaf German shepherd called Milly, a fox terrier called Poppy and a blue healer called Scruff- they all get on really well, its quite entertaining as it almost looks like a Hairy McClarirey story when they are all together.

Hanging out with his friends
Joe and I go walking most mornings out on the farm, he loves going out there as he gets to have a good hoon around, then he is quite happy to sleep the rest of the day while I am at work. My husband Sam works away a lot so Joe has become my number one pal. He is the best dog and I love him heaps.

Playing :)

I also found this picture below:   Joe on the podium, posing after one of his many wins during his racing career. Joe was a very good racer, and it is so wonderful to see him enjoying his retirement :)