Update from Bubbles (Fancy Girl)

Monday, May 23, 2011
We just got an update from Bubbles (Fancy Girl), who now lives in Foxton. Her new Dad Wayne wrote:

What can we say about Bubbles? Just that she has us completely besotted with her gentleness and her very cheeky ways. Especially when she comes prancing out of my bedroom with my scooby doo slipper in her mouth, and then proceeds to have a mad five minutes running round the house with it or one of her toys in her mouth.

She is really great with our very grumpy old man (Billy, our old border terrier who is 16yrs old) and since having a little stroke he has got a little more grumpy, but Bubbles just ignores him when he is in one of his moods, but they do like to follow one another around.
Last weekend she meet the rest of the family and all their dogs: Jack Russel, Labrador, and a German Shepherd. They all had a great time in the park chasing one another, but I must say Bubbles left them all in her wake. It was so great to see her at full stretch!