Update from Sam (Thrilling Mix)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Day 1: Sam found his bed!
We just got an update from Falyn and Pete, who adopted Sam (Thrilling Mix) a few weeks ago. They wrote:

We initially approached GAP thinking it would be good if we were matched with a smallish female (preferably blue) greyhound. Instead we got Sam, a large brindle male and we couldn't be happier! From the time we first met him he's always been smiling, wagging his tail (often with painful consequences for those standing nearby), keen to grab cuddles, and constantly trying to find a way to get into our car, or any car apparently...
When we first arrived home he trotted around the garden, had a quick sniff, then went straight into the lounge where spied his bed and lay down, no sniffing or exploring the rest of the house, just 'that looks comfy, I'll take it' and made himself at home. His first week or so was a learning process for all of us but his training has been a breeze so far; he has learnt to jump into the car on his own, go to his bed, stay, wait for his food, and heel (except when furry distractions in the form of the neighbourhood cats are present), all within the first three days.
We have taken him for a run at Robyn’s paddocks in Otaki where he had a great time with Maxi the Taxi and co, and we got to see him speed about for the first time. He’s a very confident boy and loves meeting other dogs and people, and is really good with the children he has met so far too.
We have just had a big weekend that he seemed to enjoy, during which he ate his first chicken frame, devoured a pigs ear in record breaking time, was out walking for three hours, watched a netball game, met an Alaskan Malamute, started eating a canon bone so large he couldn’t lift it and had to drag it to his favourite spot on the lawn, and walked head first into a lamp post while staring intently at a cat... we've also discovered he loves banana's, or at least the peels. He'll go to great lengths to hunt out a banana peel it seems!

His new favourite pasttime

Eating his first chicken frame :)
Our family and friends are still surprised at how laid back and downright lazy he can be – often he prefers to stay lazing about on his bed than greet anyone who comes by. It’s a good thing we weren’t after a guard dog cause I think he’d happily go with anyone, providing they were offering cuddles and a ride in their car! People are often surprised to hear that he doesn’t need hours upon hours of exercise each day, I think they’re amazed something that can run so fast can love to sleep so much!

Overall Sam is a great addition to our lives and I think the only minor concern we have so far, is that the breakfast time alarm clock in his head (and the associated cold nose snuffling in your face routine) doesn't cater for weekend sleep-ins… :)
Enjoying the sun (and hampering our attempts to make the bed!)