Update from our foster boy Snapper (Hagler)

Monday, May 16, 2011
Snapper's Mum Lori just sent us an update and some pictures. Snapper went to live with Lori and family in Auckland in February this year.

Lori wrote:
Snapper has settled in very well. He comes to work with us every day after he has dropped Madeline at the bus stop and then Fletcher at school. Travels well in the car and is a constant companion to me. He gets lots of attention up at school from the kids, which he quite likes until they get unruly. He tolerates my daughter draping him in fabric and making him do weird and wonderful girlie things. I have only just saved him from having his nails painted red! :)

He has mastered stairs – even the big scary 4 flight narrow dark ones we have to get to work. After about 3 weeks he started to get a bit cheeky -even though he knows he isn’t allowed on the sofa we find the tell tale hairy signs that he sneaks up there at night! Doesn’t even try it during the day!
Found out he has a fetish for Feijoas – these are the only things he will retrieve – all other balls ignored! He even picks them off the tree and brings them to us. 
Crowds freak him out (which was a surprise as we would have thought there was lots of people and noise at the races). We did a 5 week obedience class and he passed with flying colours (although just with a down not a sit) – they loved having him as he is so easy to train and discipline (although the sofa might say otherwise).

He goes to the beach a couple of times a week and loves running and a bit of jumping in the water. We are really lucky that we have a dog park/beach about 10 minutes up the road so we can go any time of day to take him there.

He loves meeting all the other dogs in the area. We did bump in to Pepper (Pepperonni) but she gave him the cold shoulder! We see Shiloh (New Thing Now) a couple of times a week and they are getting used to each other.

In the photo above you can see that Snapper will go to any lengths to get you to scratch just in the right place! And still find time to look at the camera. He is very photogenic!
We are so glad to have him as part of our family. He makes us laugh so much and gives us so much pleasure.