Meet a very special pair: Bridgette and Lilly

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bridgette and Lilly
Bridgette and Lilly are two delightful mature ladies, who have suffered a traumatic change of life. Together since baby puppy Lilly was brought home to meet the boisterous young Bridgette, these beautiful girls have lived together all their lives.
After short racing careers, they became the prized pets of their beloved Nelson trainer. But a few short weeks ago they were sadly uprooted from their lifelong home by his unexpected death.
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Although they are obviously missing their trainer, these two wonderful girls have packed their bags and are ready to face the world. They're anything but quitters! Bridgette is 9 years young, and Lilly is 7.

The one constant in their lives has been each other. The most devoted of adopted sisters, Lilly and Bridgette do everything together. They are looking for a new home together too - it would be heartbreaking to expect them to separate at this stage in their lives.
Picking the girls up from the ferry in Wellington
When I picked them up from the ferry, I found them in a single kennel. Being apart for the length of time it took to cross Cook Strait was not an option. Although nervous in such strange new surroundings, Bridgette was quick to take charge and determine I was someone worthy of trust! After that, it was tail-wags and licks, followed by a lovely long sleep, curled up together in the GAP van on the trip to the kennels and the first step in their new life.Prettily-marked Bridgette is confident and assertive, and quite determined to 'look after' little sister Lilly.

Lilly is a sweet, friendly girl who always looks to Bridgette for reassurance and for guidance.

Bridgette and Lilly are looking for a special new family to call their own -- the type of people with big hearts (and a great big dog bed!) just made for two lonely, loving sisters. Friendly, gentle and beginning to be playful again, Lilly and Bridgette still have so much love to give.

Could they be the special dogs you have been waiting for? Could yours be the caring forever home they need?
If you think you can help Bridgette and Lilly, whether as members of your own family or by supporting them as they find their new home, please call GAP Sanson
phone: (06) 329 3787 )


gerry bowden said...

love to take them on but already have 2