Cate and her three greyhounds :-)

Sunday, April 25, 2010
Above: Family portrait, clockwise from the bottom left: Flynn (Crafty Flynn), Grace (Two Clouds), Joe (Light Pockets) and Cate in her rabbit suit!

Cate Marshall is best known to all of us for her gorgeous images taken for Simply Grey (
Cate is a greyhound lover extraodinaire, and also a dog handler for Gary Cleeve and Gaylene Turnwald's greyhound racing team in Canterbury.

Yesterday was a very special day for both me and Cate: both Louie and Lucy have passed their Canine Good Citizens Assesment Exam (a BIG blog post about that coming up soon!) and Cate celebrated that it had been 2 years that she adopted her first greyhound, Grace (Two Clouds). :-)
So I thought today would be a good day for Cate to write the story for my blog. Thank you Cate for the writeup and gorgeous images!

Cate says:
The kennel managers said she was "quirky" and "needs an owner with a sense of humour". Her foster carer said "she can tend to be a bit naughty" and "she really is lovely". I said, PERFECT!! Two years oday this naughty, quirky, gorgeous and lovely greyhound called Grace (Two Clouds) walked into my life and thus started my love affair with greyhounds.

Below: Grace relaxing :-)

Portrait of Princess Grace:

A few months after Grace arrived, my home saw the arrival of a "foster" dog called Joe (Light Pockets). HA - A foster carer? They saw me coming. Needless to say this stunning, cheeky and slightly dorky boy did not stay a "foster" dog for long. Joe walked into my home, declared his bed, declared his bowl and declared me "his" person. He stayed, I was smitten.

Below: Joe having his Christmas ice-cream! BTW- Joe is Louie's half-brother (they have the same father). Explains the obsession with food!

In the following months I met Grace and Joe's former trainers and owners at a GAP event. Today, we are all very good friends and see each other on a regular basis. I now leave my hounds at home one day a week and head off the race track to work on Gary Cleeve and Gaylene Turnwald's racing team.

And this is where I met Flynn (Crafty Flynn). :-)

Having worked with him on the racing team and been the recipient of many many cuddles at the track I decided to "foster" Flynn when he retired. Yes, there is that "foster" word again! My big baby with the "i love you" eyes saw me become the worlds worst foster carer. He stayed, I was smitten.

Below: Handsome Flynn :-)

With three greyhounds, I felt it prudent to have a kennel name and thus the "Know More Kennels" was born. Complete with sign on gate! Two years down the track (no pun intended) here I sit with 3 greyhounds happily snoozing at my feet in my photography studio. The Simply Grey Project dream is now a reality and my life, everyday, is about greyhounds...and I wouldnt have it any other way.