Update on Thrilling Alex

Sunday, April 11, 2010

We just got an update and gorgeous pictures of our foster greyhound Alex (Thrilling Alex), who has been adopted by Noel and Kathleen from Palmerston North.
Noel and Kathleen have recently lost their lovely elderly greyhound :-( We are so happy that Alex found them :)
Noel says:
He is doing great. A little mischievous and definitely becoming more confident. We changed his name to In-D. (Our greyhounds have been named after Kathleen's favorite piece of music: Toccata, Fugue, In-D, the next one will be Minor.) He is learning sit, down, and fetch. Well, he already knew fetch (his trainer taught him :-). It is not throw, chase, look at it and run back, and you go fetch it for me. So far, he is much different than our others that we've had.

In-D's trainers (who gave him to GAP programme), Natalie and Ian George, have his litter sister as their own pet :-) Her name is Josie (Nothin' But Blue), and just like In-D, she is very cute! Natalie kindly sent me pictures below, of her daughters with Josie (very very cute, all of them! :)