Update on Sarge (Sergeant Scream)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Handsome Sarge (Sergeant Scream) has been recently adopted by Elisha and Daniel from Auckland. His new Mum Elisha sent us the cutest pictures and an update :
Sarge is quickly adapting from life at the kennels to his new life as a pet. At first he wasn’t sure at all about the loud city noises we encountered on our walks, but we are taking it all in his (long) stride and everyday he is getting more used to busy intersections, noisy trains and music from people's cars. For a big guy, he is a real sensitive soul!

Sarge loves chilling out at home on his bed, where he can endlessly rearrange his blankets and hoard his collection of soft toys (when he is not carting them around the house, or chasing them around for his and our amusement!) He also enjoys a romp at the park, the beach and playing with other dogs, large and small, at the dog park. Sarge is such a non-aggressive friendly dog, he already has several doggie friends and he endears himself to everyone we meet with his friendly, sweet nature.During our first week together, Sarge was very reserved and extremely quiet. Well, that has all changed now! He greets us every morning by jumping around and letting off heaps of cute squeeks and winneys. He has definitely found his voice now and we hear it often!

He is always so excited to see us in the mornings, and after a long day at work it is the best thing to come home to his happy face and wagging tail! Sarge is such a cuddly, loveable little guy and we are so happy we have him in our family.
Thanks Sonja and Irene for selecting Sarge for us – he is just perfect!