Friday Tangimoana beach walk :-)

Saturday, April 3, 2010
Louie (facing away), our foster greyhound Leah, and Lucy chasing Jordan!

Yesterday we went to our favourite beach, Tangimoana. Greyhounds LOVE it!
Yesterday's team:
Lucy and Louie (Charlston State), our gorgeous foster girl Leah, Indy The Spaniel, Ozzy The Heeler cross, and Sam The Samoyed :-)
The weather was gorgeous and we all had a great time! We particularly were thrilled for Leah -she is 9 years old but enjoyed a run with Lucy, loved playing in the water and exploring the beach :-)

Below: The Trio - Leah, Louie and Lucy (barely visible on the right :-)

Below: Leah and Lucy playing in the water

Below: Our cute foster girl Leah :-)
Below: Leah after a swim :-)
Below: Leah - stretching after a run! Or maybe doing yoga? :-)
Below: Louie and Leah (on the right)

Below: Everybody!

Below: Leah with her foster-Nana Yvonne and Sam The Samoyed


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