Whiskey (Chivas Regal) in his new home in Auckland

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whiskey (Chivas Regal) is a true racing veteran -he had 100 starts, successful racing career, and now is enjoying well-deserved retirement with his new parents David and Claire and four feline friends in Auckland.

Last week I got an update from Whiskey's new Dad David , who says:
Whiskey is a cracking lad!
It's been two weeks in his new home and we think he's settling in well.
The first week he was on his best behaviour, fairly shy and generally minding his own business. We take him on a decent walk morning and evening to let him meet as many people/other animals as possible, down to the beach where I sprint and he canters in an vain attempt to stretch his legs a bit (still on the lead). He's very well behaved, a bit timid with the fast snappy little dogs, but generally he's coping well ( I keep forgetting to put his muzzle on, so I'm thankful he's so weel behaved).

He's seen all the cats - from a distance mainly - as they don't get too close, he's totally disinterested in them, he manages to lift his head for a few seconds to look and then lays it back down and continues sleeping. It's more their problem than his.

He's coping well with the inside stairs, goes down them with me and comes up by himself, he can go down the outside stairs - the little ones to the back door rather than the steep one straight to the deck but he shakes like a leaf on the way down those, but he's trying, bless him.

This week, he's come out of his shell a bit more. He's starting to respond well to the 'come' command around the garden and house (I try and get some distance from him and call, and he usually appears. He's starting to play in the back garden with me and his toy running around and enjoying himself (keeping me on my toes as well). We were surprised when a young lady tottering down the right of way got his attention, he lifted his head and gave a bark!, just the one and that's the only time he's spoken.

We're being greeted more and more by a waggy tail in the morning and when we've been out and returned. He's been sleeping in the lounge on his bed or the rug which is where he spends most of the day/evening, however, he's discovered the delights of the sofa over night. I found him on it a couple of mornings ago, told him to get off a couple of times and now he knows not to do it - while we're not in the room, cheeky devil!!! We even filled the sofa with a giant Peekachoo and Red Devil cuddly toys but he just pushed those off and made himself comfortable!

Claire's got a novel way to pick up his doings on a walk, when he's about to do a 'number 2', she quickly places a couple of sheets of kitchen towel under him which he poops onto, and then she picks up the doings in the paper towel and pops it into a bag - genius really but I still laugh when she does it! :-)

Anyhow, enclosed are a couple of photos of him with his choice of the day - bed or rug - so hard to choose, also one with Claire introducing him to Rufus the ginger cat (who's under that table).