Update from Hero (Thrilling Jim)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Hero's Mum sent me an update about Hero (Thrilling Jim) and some gorgeous pictures ! Thanks a million Atlanta!

Atlanta says: It has been seven months now since we adopted the handsome Hero (Thrilling Jim) and he's an absolute delight. It's the first time my partner and i have had a dog since we were children so it's also been a bit of a learning curve for all of us and also good testimony to other new hound owners to perservere if it's not all smooth sailing straight away!
We were warned by Hero's foster mum that despite his sweetness, he would test the limits if we weren't careful and sure enough, after three weeks, our polite, sweet, gentle hound suddenly became a bit too big for boots.

He raided the rubbish bin, stole food off the bench when we were looking the other way and, quel horreur, jumped on our bed then growled and snapped when told to get off. Yikes!

But we perservered and it's been totally worth it! There's nothing like a challenge and Hero still had enough charm, obedience and affection for us to know we had a gorgeous hound who just needed some better leadership! So, after investing in more water squirters (one for every room) and applying some firm words and a lot of consistency, Hero is practically the model dog.
Friends and visitors are constantly impressed by his good manners, even the ones who don't like dogs, and although i know he sometimes sneaks onto our bed, at least now he jumps off quick as a flash if he hears me coming (we're getting there... :)

Hero is a real smoocher, he loves cuddles and i suspect he'd go home with anybody. Friends and family each feel honoured that they are his favourite... ha ha, if only they knew.

And he is an excellent GAP advocate, on our walks around Ponsonby he seems to instinctively recognise potential greyhound lovers at 30 paces, he'll slow down and wag his tail at certain people on the street who stop and want to know all about greyhounds and GAP and the adoption process. Dog intuition at it's best, i'm sure we'll get a bunch of other adoptions locally because of him!
He's such good company, now if only i could convince my partner that having two hounds would be better than one...