Louie and Lucy pass the Canine Good Citizens Assessment exam!

Sunday, April 25, 2010
Last weekend was HUGE in our household: Both Louie and Lucy have passed their Canine Good Citizen Assesment! They have been training for this with Rachel for a while now. We adopted Lucy in January 2010, and she started training pretty much straight away. Louie has been training for a bit longer.

A bit of a background of 'Canine Good Citizen' assesment background:
Since the 1950s, Dog Obedience Clubs have been at the forefront of dog training throughout the country. Clubs provide basic Domestic Dog training classes for responsible dog owners. They teach the owner how to train the dog while showing people how to ensure their dog becomes a great lifetime companion.

'Canine Good Citizen' goes a step further. Dogs are trained and then tested in simulated everyday situations in a relaxed atmosphere. Dogs and their owners are identified and rewarded for the training and demeanour to be reliable family members. Canine Good Citizen ensures that dog can be a respected member of the community because the dog is trained to be well mannered at home, in public, and around other dogs.

Testing requires an assessment by a recognised New Zealand Kennel Club Assessor.

Dogs passing assessment gain a nationally recognised Canine Good Citizen Certificate (we are expecting Louie's and Lucy's to arrive in the mail -and yes, they will be framed and displayed! :-)

Some examples of basic aspects tested (as part of Canine Good Citizens assesment) include:

Appearance and grooming (dog should welcome being groomed and examined by an appointed person)
Food manners (food being consumed by strangers in front of the dog, who should not react; also handler has to demonstrate the 'wait' comment when giving food
Accepting friendly strangers (dog has to be patted by a stranger -head and body -WITHOUT breaking the positon selected by the trainer( sit, stand or down)
Walking in a controlled manner with distractions and through people (to heel, on lead, including the HALT command)
Remaining calm while tied up (Tied supervised separation; dog tied up in a
selected position (sit, down , to ve left for 5 minutes while the handler converses with a group of people at least 20 paces away; upon handler's return, dog should not jump or be over-enthusiastic with greeting)
Control around other dogs
Recall to handler
Supervised separation (handler leaving the dog with a stranger in a selected position and going out of sight for 2 minutes)

NZ Kennel Club officials were very impressed with Louie and Lucy, and their performance at the test. So far, they are the only greyhounds in NZ to get this qualification! NZKC will do an interview with Rachel for the June edition of Kennel Club Gazette, and Sonja Bright (from GAP, and Simply Grey) will be doing a greyhound Breed Supplement for the same issue!
This is just wonderful for GAP and greyhounds in general, and we hope it will dispell the myth that greyhounds can't be trained in obedience etc.

We strongly suggest to greyhound owners to enroll their dog in CGC course in their local dog club.
To find out which clubs offer the course, as well as to find out more details, please go to NZ Kennel Club website:

NZ Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen webpage (click here to open in a new window)

Beryl's Mum Sue has taken many pictures of the test - for both Louie and Lucy. Thanks a million Sue! (this means so much to us as neither Rachel nor myself were capable of taking pictures that day -but Sue came to the rescue!)
Slideshows are below -please have a look! (and make sure you have the volume up - Sue's music choices are perfect, as always :-)

Lucy's test:

Louie's (Charlston State) test: