Update from our foster greyhound Kev (Matrix Hero)

Monday, May 31, 2010

I just got pictures of Kev (Matrix Hero) who is a very special dog for us: he was our very first foster greyhound! :-)
He was adopted by Trisha and her family last September, and Trisha just sent me this update (thanks a million Trisha!):
Kev is doing great, and we are getting used to our first winter together. Had to laugh on the very first super cold morning when Kev jumped into the creek at the local doggy park which he always does but freaked when he realised the water temp was sooooo freezing! He hopped out so smart that I was chuckling all day. :-)
Heres some pics of our recent trip to Muriwai beach. Still trying to get a perfect pic of Kev in top gear sprinting but so hard to capture. And an after pic of Kev relaxing on his couch in the lounge. Kev and the kids are now getting used to our Japanese Quail we got last weekend, Kev is a bit bemused by them but seems to understand they are not his dinner!!!