Nikki (Iteru Ra) in her new home

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cute little Nikki (Iteru Ra) has been adopted by Kerrie, Chay, Frankie, Harry and Olivia from Kapiti.
Her new Mum Kerrie says:
Nikki has settled really well - on her first night she had a good look around the garden with us, done her business, had some dinner, then came in and sat down by the fire and then followed the boys and Olivia around like mad!
When we put the kids to bed we had some quiet cuddles with her ,which she loved and went to sleep on my leg. When we got up in the morning she was all excited and bouncing around when she saw the boys :-) We all had a walk to school which she loved, smelling everything she went past :-) She is quite funny- as she was walking she had such a bounce and looked so happy. She loves our company and just feels like we all have a special bond with her - feels like we have had her forever.