Beautiful Raz (Red Rush)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Raz (Red Rush) has been recently adopted (I think only last week , and he has had a name change: he is now called Tzar (after Russian nobility title). Very fitting , i must say :-)

His new parents Corri (on the picture above, with Tzar) and Jonathan sent me two cutest pictures of their handsome boy relaxing at his new home:

I have had the pleasure of meeting Tzar in Sanson kennels - he is a stunning looking red fawn greyhound with absolutely perfect posture and manners, whose trainer Denis Schofield called him "a true gentleman" :-)
And that is not all: Tzar has been an outstanding racer, having had 77 starts and making almost $60K in stakes. I am sure he is taking on pet life in his stride, like a true professional he is!
Denis (who was my Louie's trainer too :-) sent me this gorgeous photo of Tzar winning one of the big races in Waikato (doesn't he look amazing and just having the best time?) : (you can click on the photo for full size)