Our new foster greyhound Spotty (2Spot)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Well, for the first time ever, we have a white foster greyhound!!!! :-)
She is the waggiest, friendly , exuberant girl. She has never raced as she hurt her leg as a puppy. Spotty has never left her trainer's kennels till now - so everything is new to her!

A suburban street is party central, as far as Spotty is concerned!! :-)

She is very very trainable and loves learning new things: Rachel has just taught her to sit :-)
She is so playful and throws toys up in the air so well that they hit the ceiling. Loves stealing clothes too (we are working on that :-). She also is very puppy-like, despite being 3 years old. She tried to chew my toes!!!! LOL (we are working on that too :-)
In her forever home, she will need a job - she needs an owner who would take her to dog obedience and to Rally-O and similar things. She just loves learning new things!

They told me not to chew this sheepskin....it is hard to resist though, so i sometimes give it a good sniff instead :-)

Rachel taught me to sit :-) (Note to my future owner: I LOVE those bacon treats!!)
And she taught me to lie down too! I am THE perfect pupil ..

When is the next lesson? :-) I just love learning new things!
So many toys, so little time...

DOnt you love my ears? I look a bit like a dingo, dont you think?