An update from Mo (Moana Lawn)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My name is Mo, (aka Momo, Nosey Mosey, Missy Mo or just plain Dawg when I’m naughty, which is hardly ever :)
I ’ve been with my new family (Yvette and Craig) in New Plymouth for almost two months. How the times flies! One morning I was in the kennels, then I was whisked north to meet my new parents. It was love at first sight for this hound. My Mum says I fit into the household like fingers in a glove. I say keep the chicken carcasses coming - I really do have those humans wrapped around my paws!
It took me a few days to get used to the concept of sleeping on a big bean bag; damn these long skinny legs. Now I can’t live without it. Ahhh, such luxury. I get on well with Spider the house-cat now. At first he gave me the heebie-jeebies and chased me around the yard. I love to collect things in my bed, especially the TV remotes, my Mum’s slippers, news papers and the odd delightfully smelly sock. Human feet totally amuse me. We play this game where I try and toe-tap the human’s foot while they dance. It’s good fun. Hide and seek makes for a great game too.

My favorite possession is the leash. Upon seeing it I can’t help but do the doggie circle dance. My tail hurts from hitting things in excitement. Every walk is an adventure. I know where every cat on the street lives and I’m not afraid to tip-toe, much to my parents’ amusement, to see over that fence. It doesn’t take me long to get tired though. Of course running is one of my favorite things to do… and why not when I have my own personal race track inside the house – the hallway.
Oh and I have a coat with soccer-balls on it, which helps me make friends at my Dad’s weekly soccer matches. (Check out my pretty coat on the picture below!)

When all is said and done, I know that my new family loves me and I really do love them too. I can never get enough hugs and take up every opportunity for a bit of lovin’. I even squeeze my way between my folks when they hug. Thanks Greyhounds as Pets for matching my parents up with such an awesome dog like me.

- Mo
PS: A few more pictures of me at GAP tent during a recent market day in Bell Block, New Plymouth: