Jorja (Indenture) and her new family :-)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Above : Bart (Smart Bart) and Jorja (Indenture)

I just got some photos and a writeup from Janine, whose family has recently adopted Jorja (Indenture) - a gorgeous little black girl. They already had a greyhound - Bart (Smart Bart), a lovely GAP greyhound whom I have already featured on this blog before, here) .

Janine says:
Thought it was about time to send an update about our new family member. Bart was such an easy dog to integrate into our unit, with both his extremely laid back personality and the fact that he had lived in a family home before.

Jorja however possesses neither of those 2 qualities....and has been quite a shock to our systems! She is so much like a puppy still with all that entails. She prefers computer cable as her main course, with a side of speaker wires! However, she is a sweet girl and we are working hard to overcome this, and she is showing signs of improvement.

The main reason we wanted another hound was to play with Bart. Our Dalmatian is a bit of a grumpy girl who gets sick of playing, and Bart didn't quite understand. However things haven't quite worked out that way, the girls play non stop, they get on extremely well and poor old Bart gets a little left out! :-)

When out for a walk we get wonderfull compliments on our dogs, how sweet and well behaved they are. I wouldn't want to give them up even though they are a challenge at times! :-)

Below: Everybody!