Ashhurst GAP walk , July 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

We had over 20 greyhounds at the walk at Ashhurst Domain today, and they had loads of fun! :-)
Check out the pictures (thanks Sue, Anthony and Sonja!)

Tyson (Canya See Me) and Leo (Our Cheetah):

Tyson again, with Leo's sister Jazz (Homebush Squirt) :

Rozzo (Maximum):

Handsome Leo (Our Cheetah):

Sam (Fortold) and friend:

Irene and Stevie (No Spoken Word), practising for their upcoming Dog Show :)

Raz(Rezende) with his foster Mum Cynthia:

Eliza and George, with their humans :-)

My beautiful Louie (Charlston State) - he thought he saw a rabbit! Alas, it turned out to be just a bird :)

Babe (Sexy Babe):

Nugget (Pepper Law) and her new friend:

Cute Chase: