Sammy's hounds: Jazz and Leo :-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sammy just sent me some gorgeous pictures of her hounds Jazz (Homebush Squirt) and Leo (Our Cheetah).
Yes, they look very similar -they are littermates! :-)

Sammy's Nanna Glynis adopted Jazz almost 2 years ago, and has also fostered GAP greyhounds since. When she heard that Jazz's litter brother was in GAP (in March this year) - she adopted him straight away too.
Leo's story was particularly sad as GAP rescued him from awful conditions in Te Awamutu SPCA; he needed lots of TLC - he looks so great now, it is hard to believe that this is the hound who was so emaciated and in such a terrible condition only 3-4months ago.

I love their coloring -they are blue brindle, and quite a striking pair! Sammy takes both of them to dog classes and plans to do Canine Good Citizens training with Leo too! :-)
Enjoy the gorgeous pictures :-)

Below: handsome Leo :-)

Below: Jazz

Below: Princess Jazz :-)
Below: Sammy's Dad Anthony with Jazz


Trish said...

Gorgeous! One of my 2 girls, Shan (Bankside Bella), is also a blue brindle, and I swear there's a family resemblance especially to Jazz, and in particular in the photo of her on the orange blanket. So I looked up the pedigree of Jazz and Leo - their paternal grand-sire, Farloe Melody (also a blue brindle), is Shan's maternal grand-sire.