A new greyhound blog !!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Beryl can shake hands :-)
Beryl's Mum Sue has started her own blog -YEY!

Sue adopted Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) almost 4 months ago, as a sister for her adorable Kelpie-cross Frankie. Beryl is already so well trained, she has perfect recall and knows MANY tricks :-)
Sue follows SO many greyhound blogs from all over the world, and has an amazing knowledge of everything greyhound-related (especially where to get fanciest martingale collars! :-)
Beryl also comes for our Canine Good Citizens and Rally-O classes and is just the prettiest girl -we are looking forward to posts from Sue's blog!
Click on the link below to open Sue's blog ('Greyhounds CAN Sit') in a new window:

Beryl the shark!!! (and our foster greyhound Tyson looking on!)