Our gorgeous new foster greyhound Tyson (Canya See Me)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Now that Chester has been snapped up, we have a new foster greyhound: absolutely gorgeous Tyson (Canya See Me).
Tyson has raced until recently, and he will be 6 years old in September! He had 94 starts and earned just under $40K in stakes.
He is an amazing doggie, very intelligent and so well behaved -plus he is so good looking, with the most unusual brindle coloring :-)
As much as we love all our foster greyhounds, each and every one - I have to say, I have a soft spot for successful racers, dogs who had long racing careers. Possibly because my Louie, the first greyhound I ever met, is one of those...? I think the 'professional' aspect of such greyhounds appeals to me, and I find training them the easiest and most satisfying.
I taught Tyson to walk nicely on the lead (he used to pull a bit! :-) in a day, during a few walks around the block (I am serious). He only needs to be told anything once, and he 'gets it' :-)
I also taught him to wait before he comes out of the car, and he goes to his crate when i tell him 'Bed!'. It is hard to believe he has been here for just 2 days!
He is great with Louie and Lucy, they love him...Lucy often comes to him and gives him a kiss -i suspect he is flattered! :-) Louie LOVES walking with Tyson - they walk shoulder to shoulder and almost lean on each other :-)

I found his pedigree on www.greyhound-data.com:
http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?z=i549BI&d=canya+see+me, including this cute photo of Tyson, i suspect as a young pup :)

He is a bit more grey around the muzzle now, but still gorgeous! (he is currently sprawled in front of the heater (after he 'killed' some toys :-)

Update 18/07:
We took the hounds to the park today and it was Tyson's first run at the velodrome
:-) He did LOTS of exploring of the velodrome and the river bank, and had a few laps around with everybody. He is not really interested in running (i guess he has 'been there, done that' -exploring interests him way more! :)

Below: Tyson and Louie :-)

Is he cute or what? :-)

Below: with Beryl and Lucy