Ashley's foster greyhound Sky (Know Option) :-)

Friday, July 16, 2010
Ashley Bradshaw works for Canterbury trainer Gary Cleeve and owns two retired racers herself. She also moderates her own blog, where she blogs about her greyhound Berlin (Twirly Berly) and her new puppies -check it out here:

Ashley also fosters Gary's greyhounds while they wait their turn to enter the GAP programme. She sent me some gorgeous photos of her latest foster, a lovely fawn girl called Sky (Know Option), AND a video of Sky falling of the couch! :-)
Sky has been with Ashley just for a few days -but she is already a couch-pro :-)
Below: Ashley and Sky

Ashley also has 4 cats -so muzzle comes in handy , although Sky is so far perfectly behaved with them :-)

And , the most hilarious video of Sky :-)

Update: 02/08/2010
Ashley just sent me some more pictures of Sky, who is getting cuter and cuter every day :-)

And she also loves playing with her new friend Ollie:

Sky was born in the Cleeve kennels too -her Mum was 'Casual Wave'. Ashley sent me a picture of 1 day old litter below (Sky in on the far left, the only fawn in the litter ) :

And here is Sky with her Mum (Sky is hiding behind her Mum's bum):