Coolest dog bed ever !

Sunday, January 16, 2011
Check out Yonce's cool bathtub bed!
Yonce (Bea Lorian) was adopted by Jan from Waihi in October last year. Jan sent me the cool picture above and an update:
Beyonce came into my life in November and after much thought regarding that very unusual canine name, decided to just call her Yonce pronounced 'Yonsay'. She only has one thing in common with her namesake and that is she is bootilicious, but even more so. She took a few days to settle in although no problems, just lack of confidence as to what was going on.

She is the only dog and shares the house with two fat female cats who she gives a wide berth to. They ignore her so I have no problems with any of them and can go out and leave them together. She has no interest in the chooks either, I was pleased about that too. She is good to leave on her own and is quite happy to stay in one of her beds while we are out, but is always waiting to duck under the garage door when she hears it opening on our arrival back home. She always goes out with us and is just learning to jump herself into the vehicle, but mostly I have to heave her in. She seems to know when we are going out and races out to wait at the car. If we cant take her anytime, she makes me feel giulty, so I have to bribe her with a pigs ear! she is happy with that !
One of her favourite spots on the lawn.
She has 1/4 acre with a bush area as well.
Naturally she is frightened of the cows and horses, but she just sits by the gate of the empty paddock waiting for us, like a good working dog while we move fences or whatever.I am teaching her to run beside the quad bike so that she gets a good run, but now she knows her boundaries and takes off ahead of me. She loves to go down to the river at the bottom of our property and likes to play and paddle in the shallows. I take her out to a paddock every day for her run and just stand while she has little sprints or just mooches along with her long snout to the ground. A rabbit jumped out one day and she was off, unfortunately it disapapeared under the fence and she came back to me so bewildered as to where it had gone. :)
Checking out the paddle pools
She is not playful, ignores any toys, wont chase a Kong or ball, her fun is bringing into the lounge pieces of our clothing or footwear and leaving it there. Doesnt chew anything luckily, only her bones on her deck couch which she thinks is set up for that purpose. She is a quick learner and I have only had to say NO to something once and it doesnt happen again.

This lovely girl is a delight to have, so quiet, good manners, confident now and I have no worries about her wandering off as she just stays around the house, she just loves our company. We are a retired couple, so she just suits us fine.

She has a coat pattern similar to a tiger, eyes like scorched almonds and ears like a butterfly wings when both up and pointed, and folded when lying flat on the head... ..fascinating to watch. My partner was very sceptical about my adopting a greyhound and is now totally smitten with her endearing ways. How can one not be !!
The day bed.....Happy Dreams looks like