Precious Angel and Ringo , looking for forever home

Friday, January 21, 2011
Recently, I have written about the sudden passing of Lloyd Gill, greyhound trainer and a big supporter of GAP. His lovely Mum Jean brought all his racing greyhounds and also his pet greyhounds to GAP. Many of them have found homes already.

This post is about Lloyd's pet greyhounds, his house dogs, Angel and Ringo, who are still waiting for that special forever home. They are oldies, Angel (Ruawhata Road) is 11, and Ringo (Supreme Paragon) is 9.
GAP vet has checked them out and there is nothing amiss; they are fit, have no health problems and even  have good teeth too :)
They both need a quiet home and would prefer company at this stage of their life. They have passed all temperament testing -they are great with dogs of all sizes , and they are both cat-friendly too.

It was bit chilly in GAP kennels today, and this is where we found Angel and Ringo:

We love each other...and we miss our trainer :(
I have met  both Angel and Ringo and they are both absolutely precious. GAP kennel managers told me that they would prefer not to have these doggies fostered -but to find them a forever home asap. This is because they would like to spare them yet another transition.

I hope someone who has a quiet home can adopt one (or both?) of these precious dogs. They have so much love to give...

We have also done videos of Angel and Ringo the other day. You can watch them here: