Update from Amber (Little Gymnist)

Monday, January 10, 2011
Amber :)
Jan from Tokoroa adopted her lovely boy Badger (Brother Badger) in November 2009, and just a year later, she adopted his new sister, Amber (Little Gymnist).

Jan says:
Amber is a very obliging lady and has settled in well . Amber and Badger do seem to get along OK and like to race each other around the garden and whenever they get the chance to be off the lead. Whomever get on my bed first get to stay but the minute one gets off the other gets on. I have to feed Amber in the laundry with the door closed as Badger thinks her food tastes better than his! He always has to be out front on the lead while she walks quietly by me. He has become more affectionate toward me but he could just be jealous and trying to get my affection. :)

Amber has a broken tooth and its removal has been hindered by her having a high heart rate and high BP. Hopefully that has improved after antibiotics and pain relief and tooth should be removed tomorrow. (we are all wishing you the best for your operation, Amber!)
Recently I took the hounds to Day's park in Hamilton - and i attach some pictures.

I have to say Jan, you have an awesome looking pair of dogs! Just look at them :)
Amber and Badger