A very special greyhound looking for forever home

Friday, January 28, 2011
One of my readers just emailed me and alerted me to the fact that a very special greyhound is at the GAP kennels and waiting for forever home: Ray Adcock trained SHADOW BOXER.
He is retiring due to age (he is 4.5) and minor injury. He has had 52 starts, and out of that , 20 were wins, and another 17 were placings! :)
Truly stunning racing doggie -now looking for a sofa :)

Check him out winning one of his races:
Shadow Boxer
We hope the clever boy finds that perfect home soon!

In the meantime, my news is that Lucy (our unraced 2yr old puppy) has managed to hurt her gracillus while running at the park! Gracillus is typically a racing injury - Lucy never raced professionally, as she was too slow and was not chasing properly. But, she did her gracillus anyway. Talking to GAP greyhound owners , i find that many pet greyhounds (either raced or not raced) get typical racing injuries while pets, while running at the park or at the beach. One of my friends owns a greyhound who was retired at 4ys old with NO racing injurues -but in the next few years as a pet, he dropped both of his gracillis muscles(while running in the garden) , broke his tail (while wagging madly!) and also broke his hock (again, while running madly!).
It is quite common for pet greyhounds to get as many inuries as racing greyhounds - I think it has to do with training, the nature of the dog, and the terrain it runs on.
So i truly believe that competitive racing does not necessarily cause injuries - my retired greyhounds (and my foster greyhounds) are as likely to break their hock while running at our huge park, as they are at the race track. Not to mention the gracillis! :) I have seen many seasoned racers (who come to GAP, retired due to age) being in perfect nick, with no injuries , despite having a very long and successful racing career.

Anyway, Lucy  needs to be kept quiet for a week or so - especially as Rachel wants her to be ready for the big 'Rally O' competition on 6th of February.  So no running, swimming and especially no 'pitbulling' with Frankie for a while. Lucy of course, is phylosophical about all this:
Oh well I suppose  I will survive...