Update from Zeb (Yakcam)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just got a few pictures and an update from Zeb's new Dad David:
Zeb (Yakcam)  has settled in really well within our pack, and we love him to bits. He's also got three cats and two rabbits to keep him company along with the four humans, and he has quickly accepted the cats, the bunnys are awfully 'interesting' so we're taking it pretty slowly on that front. He loves his toys especially orange monkey and buzzy bee. He has remained relaxed the whole time which is great, and has the occassional 'maddy' around the yard which is always fun as well. He is really sociable when it comes to meeting other dogs when on walks. We are looking at potentially getting him a girlfriend to keep him company so watch this space!

Zeb and Buzzy Bee