GAP greyhounds at Royal Easter Show in Auckland!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
GAP marquee
Alan (AKL GAP coordinator) just sent us some pictures from this week's Easter Show in Auckland. GAPhad a marquee there, and hounds did a great job promoting retired racers as pets :)
Thanks again for the pictures Alan!
I also stole some of the pictures from Stanley's blog ( who was also there with his new sister Jess (Winsome Jess).
I don't have names of the all the hounds who were there but you will all know who you are -thank you everybody for your help!
Lilly (Tara Lilly) making new friends
Fish (Thrilling Fish) and Hoss (Homebush Wayne)

Hoss posed with many - see below!

Belle (Franny Hall) and Lilly (Tara Lilly)

Beautiful Jill (Most Excused)
Paulie and Jill

Handsome pair: Jess (Winsome Jess) and her new brother Stanley (Big Dapto)

Cute Jess :)