Some cute pictures of Shawn (New Thing Now)

Saturday, April 2, 2011
Yes, I am pretty, and i know it:  Shawn (New Thing Now)
Gorgeous dark brindle girl Shawn (yes, she is a girl :) is up for adoption so I thought to post a few pictures of her, taken by Sonja, GAP Kennel Manager.
Shawn is special - her and her sister Stevie (No Spoken Word)  were brought up by GAP kennel managers Sonja and Irene, in Sanson GAP kennels. Sonja and Irene had them trained for racing (with a little help from Tokoroa trainers Maxine and Mike Lozell).
Once they were trialing , myself and a number of other GAP owners went to see their trials at Wanganui track: Shawn trialled and qualified, a real racer, fast and focused little girl! She really wanted it: she chased that lure beautifully and posted a great time - it is fair to say that we all celebrated BIG TIME when Shawn qualified to race! :)
But it was not meant to be - Shawn in the meantime had a very minor injury which would have made racing too risky for her -but , she will have a great career as a pet! :)

She is very well socialized with kids, other dogs and she is also cat-safe. Here she is , as a 1yr old pup, with Ellie:

And last week in GAP Kennels: