Update from Tommy (National Debt)

Monday, April 4, 2011
I just got an update on Tommy (National Debt) from his Dad Norm, who wrote:

 Maxine and I have both had dogs most of our lives, but we knew very little about Greyhounds. We have had several breeds over the years, but none of those could compare to adopting Tommy.
He had a good racing career, but had a tough time afterwards with a few setbacks culminating with his tail being amputated because he damaged it badly. It only adds to his charm, I might add :)

We finally picked up Tommy from the GAP kennels on the 19th January, by the 20th he had settled in and was part of the family. He was shy at first but we could see straight away that he was the sweetest, and kindest dog that you could imagine. He worked really hard to please and now he is relaxing more of his personality is coming out. He is playful, affectionate, and gentle. He fits into any crowd, and loves running with the other greyhounds on GAP runs.
Thank you GAP, Tommy has been such a wonderful addition to our lives, we don’t know what we ever did without him!
Relaxing in the garden :)
Helping promote GAP at Feild Days at Manfield