Update from Otis (Geoff Phoenix)

Monday, April 18, 2011
Otis and Charlie :)
I just got an update and gorgeous pictures from Otis' new parents Catherine and Karl from Auckland:

From the first moment Otis got in the car when we picked him up from his foster carer's home, I realised how much taller dog he was compared to our beagle Charlie... The car now looked too small but it also filled up with calm and warmth coming from it's new passenger.

Arriving home Otis, with his muzzle, and Charlie met in the backyard. There was a lot of sniffing, but both were very gentle, Otis discovering his new environment and Charlie following him... After 10 minutes I took the muzzle off Otis and never felt it was needed since then. Which is just as well since Charlie got hold of it later that day, and destroyed it!

Otis is very curious which has probably helped in adjusting to his new home, he was pretty comfortable and confident from the 2nd day on. He had a few house training incidents during the first few days, which were corrected easily. As he wasn't familiar with being in a house before he was sometimes a bit clumsy inside. We had to change the flap door to match his frame and he is now going in and out of the house as he pleases. Also, he was hesitant with going up and down steps, but eventually followed Charlie so that was also easily sorted.

He loves his walk and is very good on the leash... We went to a GAP walk a couple of weeks ago and he caught up with Archie who was in Sanson at the same time as him. It was really nice to see them together.
One of his favorite things is being in the car, he jumps in every chance he gets!

Although very different, Otis and Charlie are getting on perfectly, sharing bedding & toys, teaming up to empty the pantry, running after each other for 5 minutes and then falling asleep exhausted...

Exhausted boys!

It is a joy to have him with us, he is very affectionate and sociable with everyone big or small. Otis is the perfect match for us. Thanks to Irene and Sonja for helping us with this very successful adoption.

Otis at a recent GAP promo event in Auckland