Update from Archie :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Handsome Archie joined Jennifer and family about 6 weeks ago. We just got an update and pictures from his new Mum (thanks a million Jennifer!):

Archie is settling in really well. We were advised (by GAP kennel managers) that he might be prone to a bit of separation anxiety, and so we were considered a suitable family for him as I work mainly at home and there are 5 people in the house in total. At the beginning Archie was really clingy of course but he is improving every day and we now leave him alone for limited periods. :)
Archie has very rapidly become a much-loved member of our family as he is so affectionate and is both elegant and handsome yet quite a clown at times. At the beginning we thought he wasn't too interested in toys but now he is very fond of his squeaky toys and rope and always replaces them carefully in his bed if we take them out. He has had a lot to contend with in our house - an old and quite stroppy cat; noisy young adults; stairs and slippery floors! Every day he seems happier and more affectionate - thanks GAP for a great pet!