Update on Kim (Thrilling Kim)

Saturday, April 23, 2011
We just got an update on lovely Kim (Thrilling Kim), from her new parents Jan and Terry, who adopted their pretty girl in October last year.

Some of the more regular readers of this blog  might already know that Kim was a very successful racer, who upon retiring from racing in 2008 went on to have a new career in a show ring! Kim started her show career at Hastings Dog Show in March 2009 -Sonja and Irene, GAP kennel managers, were her handlers. While strutting her stuff in show rings all over New Zealand, Kim has been an excellent ambassador for GAP, and also gained the  NZ Champion title!
 It is not surprising, as she is truly GORGEOUS:
Beautiful Kim at Tangimoana beach in summer 2009
(photo taken by Sonja, GAP kennel manager)
However, when Kim turned 7, a true retirement was in order :) - so she went on to live with Jan and Terry at Raumati Beach in Kapiti.
Below is what Jan wrote about their new family member:

We have to tell you just how much we are loving having Kim Dog ( "Kim Dog" - to differentiate between her and "Kim Daughter") as a member of our family. She's a fantastic animal and we love her dearly.

Kim has a huge personality and we think she is very intelligent. She's very much a 'dominant dog' and as she gains more and more confidence, so she pushes the boundaries of what she's allowed to do to ever increasing limits. This can be very amusing like the evening we were both reading newspapers and because we were holding them open, she couldn't get past us to get to the other end of the room. Suddenly, using her teeth she snatched the paper out of Terry's hand and tossed it aside and then came and stared at me obviously ready to do the same thing if I didn't move to let her pass!!! :)
Then, of course, used to a life of strict time tables, she expects her daily walks at the same time morning and afternoon and if we are slow in getting to our feet after an 'after lunch feet up' she'll come and put her nose right up to my face and bark imperiously and then do a little circular dance before coming back to bark again and going to the doorway and standing with her back to us, ready for 'the off'. Naturally, we make a point of not immediately obeying, but making her wait for five or ten minutes. We really do have to be very firm with her to stay 'on top'!

Kim and her Mum Jan
It's quite strange and I think it's something to do with her age; when we take her out to Otaki for Robyn's dog run days, she is distinctly antisocial with the other dogs (without being agressive, of course). A couple of sprints and then she'll go off to check out the boundaries. Happy to be on her own, she covers the field. Sniffing trees, gates, hedges, clumps of grass is her big interest in life - for her, the world is one big library of interesting stories. It's the same on the beach with even more interesting finds like rotting fishheads - all very exciting.

She has a big admiring public in and around Raumati Beach as we meet other dogs and their carers on our walks. She is so gentle and calm with any size dog or child we meet that our progress can be quite slow as everyone wants to greet her and talk about her. Trouble is, Little Miss Arrogant has a quick sniff and then totally loses interest - points her nose in the direction she wants to go and ignores everyone! :)

Altogether, Kim coming into our lives has been a total success - not least of the benefits has been that I've lost 5 kilos! As far as Terry is concerned, although his cancer is not going to go away, everyone we see at the hospital remarks on how incredibly fit he looks - he is now a 38 months survivor, having been given 'three months to two years' in February 2008. I'm sure Kim Dog has helped.
 Thank you so much for letting us 'have' Kim - she surely has enriched our lives at what is a pretty difficult time.