Marion's and Stu's foster boy Spotty (Pockets Full)

Thursday, April 7, 2011
Hi, I'm Spotty (Pockets Full). I have been with my foster family for a week now and we have had a great time together. It only took me a couple of days to settle in, and then I was my usual cruisy, sleepy self. I found the TV interesting when I first saw it. I kept looking around the back, but there was nobody there. What's with that? Household noises like the TV, stereo and the vacuum cleaner don't bother me at all.
Marion and Stu have taught me good manners, like going to lie on my bed when they tell me to. They say I'm a quick learner. They never let me up on the furniture, so I have given up trying. I still get a little excited when Stu comes home from work, but he has taught me not to jump up and that I get more attention when I am calm. I always go to the toilet outside, just like you human Cantabrians, although sometimes I need some encouragement to go outside if it is raining.

Me with my girlfriend Jess!
 I usually have two walks a day. In the morning I walk with my girlfriend Jess. She's the cute brindle in the photo. She used to pull on her lead, but I have taught her how to walk to heel. Cars don't bother me, and I'm learning how to stop at road crossings. Twenty minutes walk is enough for me, then it's sleep time again. I am still a bit of a magpie though. I occasionally like to collect some things to put beside my bed. Marion and Stu are teaching me that is not good manners. Also, I've had some great fun playing with Marion's granddaughters, but I was glad when they were gone. They wore me out!
I love going out in the car. Marion and Stu expect me to jump in by myself, but who are they trying to kid. I make them lift my legs in while they say " In Spotty. Good boy. Get in the car." Ha ha.
They give me lots fo cuddles which is great because I can never get enough of them. In fact, if Marion stays in bed too long in the morning I put my cold nose on her. If she dosen't wake up I sing to her. "Yoyoyoyoyo." It always works. I am her woof alarm clock!

I love being with Marion and Stu, but I am really looking forward to being adopted and having my own, permanent family. I am very gentle and have lots of love and affection to give.

Well, its snooze time again. I'll type you another dog-blog soon.