Update from Fritz (Sambo Warrior)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We just got an update from Rowan and Kat, who recently adopted Fritz (Sambo Warrior).

They wrote:
Wow! Life has been a freaky ride for the last month or so. We had met Fritz at his fosterers place and we knew he would need time, patience and affection.
Fritz has settled beautifully into our home and he has proven himself to be intelligent and eager to please, which has meant training has been pretty easy. We have had some interesting adventures as we learn to manage his fear of strangers, but he has made great progress here and gives a querying look to us as if to say ‘Can I trust this person? Will you help me out?’ which is endearing.

Playing with Jolie and Chelsea
Friends have been amazed at his muscles and his humongous proboscis which has been likened to an aardvark and a crocodile when he is playing with his mouth open. His gentle nature has meant integrating the cats and him has been as easy as it ever could have been and he has got to be the best mannered dog I have ever walked on a leash. Stairs are still a bit unknown – though in his excitement about a walk one morning he ran half way up then kind of stopped and went ‘ahh crap, how to I get down?’ before half skidding/half tumbling down. :) Fun times, with plenty more to come, it feels good to be able to help him out and coax him into a new lifestyle.