Meet Buffy (Dreama Queen) -the cutest smiley girl :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This morning I was at the Sanson GAP kennels and I met gorgeous Buffy (Dreama Queen). She is 25kg, tiny girl, with the cutest smile, as you can see in the picture above :) Sonja (GAP Kennel Manager) took all the pictures :)
Buffy is like a cat -she actually leans on you and rubs her face against you for cuddles :) She was a good racing doggie, and then had puppies, before coming to GAP at 7yrs old. She is now looking for that special forever home. Although 7yrs old, Buffy is very playful and in great health. She acts like  a dog half her age :)
Buffy is also a half-sister to our foster boy Hugo (Young Valiant) :)