Update from gorgeous little Chelsea

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Hello - it is me , Chelsea (nee Connie)! It's been 4 weeks since I found my new home in Hamilton and I have settled in really well, mum says im a good girl and I try hard to please.

I've got sheepskins on both my beds and I just love snuggling into them.
"Buzzy" the resident cat moved into temporary accommodation downstairs (under the house) but is getting used to the idea that I am here to stay. :)
I tried to make friends by playing chase with him but he hissed and growled at me, I didn't think that was very polite so I ignore him now.

Buzzy and me :)
Hey,I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror and just had to go back for another look,WOW I'm so cute that must be why Buzzy stares , he can't take his eyes off me!!
The other day mum took me to the riverpath to meet the other hounds,of course being the new kid on the block I was a little shy,then we went to another park where my new greyhound friends Fritz, Jolie and I hooned around like mad things ! We even found a muddy puddle, I had so much fun.

In the mornings if mum isn't awake I poke her in the eye with my cold wet nose and then do a little jig thats usually good for a laugh and a cuddle, I just love cuddles.
I try to steal Buzzy's cuddles but mum says I have to wait my turn, I dont mind cos I know mine will last longer! HA!
Catch ya all later. Thanks to GAP another happy dog and owner. Chelsea xxx